Our Mission

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dCentra is a privately held German company, which focuses on bringing Blockchain Technology to use & work for various Industry Domains and the General Public. We do this by engaging in Customer projects as a service provider and also by building our own products within a startup context.

We believe in the decentralization phenomenon (from which our slogan "Decentralize The World" arise) in the very broad perspective of cultural, political, economic and technological decentralization, which is for the common good, the next evolutionary step in our technosociety.

Especially when we combine this decentralization directive with the trustless, distributed nature of the blockchain, the secure transactional environment & data persistence (global virtual computer) and the legally enforceable context it allows we end up with an innovative enabler for (i) disruptive business models triggering the birth of new markets or the consolidation of existing ones; (ii) radical change in social and commercial (B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C, C2B, etc.) relationships & interactions; (iii) new framework for autonomous or semi-autonomous organizations; (iv) an exceptional platform to facilitate value networks, value streams, value exchanges and value storage; (v) an ecosystem that allows for new governance & collaboration models; and the list goes on ... It becomes even more exciting when blockchain gets integrated with external value added services, complex event streams & business rules and merged with the capabilities of the AI, IoT and Robotics fields.

We are being convinced of the crypto revolution; (a) the concept of Initial Coin Offerings being the most disruptive & fair form of investment humanity have ever experienced; (b) the raison d'etre of Cryptocurrencies being the most efficient & secure way value exchange & storage might take place in the digital world; (c) generally the Blockchain technology enabling a trustless value layer on top of the Internet opening the era of the Web 3.0 applications. We do however also think there is lot of immaturity in the crypto space at this stage and some sort of world wide (decentralized?) regulation & compliance is absolutely necessary. We are also looking forward to the marriage of AI & Blockchain.

We are aiming to stay Blockchain technology agnostic / neutral, however we have built up strong competence in Hyperledger Fabric and follow up Cardano very closely.

We are a true Tech company, having our carefully selected workforce with exceptional technical background with the principle of only hiring the best talent. At the same time we are a dynamic & flexible organization working together with freelancers, part time resources, interns and partners to carry out our projects.

Despite our technology focus we understand the business dynamics & specialties of the various Industry Domains and have a vast experience in many of them. We do manage a rich external network of Business Domain experts who we may confidently rely on.

We are always open for new partnerships & sharing our venture in applying distributed technologies to help organizations become more efficient and ultimately make the world a better place.

We are committed to full transparency & trust towards our employees and partners.

Finally whenever we have the opportunity & choice we aim to engage in innovative projects, build disruptive products or provide professional services that are for the common good, have a direct or indirect positive social, ecological and environmental impact. This is why we consider ourselves as enthusiastic supporters of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


dCentra as Service Provider

We engage early on with our Clients to identify / validate innovative DLT Use Cases with significant value proposition they may disrupt their business model, find the blockchain technology that best suits the capabilities required, define the solution architecture and lead & manage the technical execution.

We have a First-In-Last-Out approach on projects we participate on, guarding our Customer's interest & supervising that they realize the value promise of their investment while risks & challenges don´t get in the way.

Would you want to explore the variety of our traditional T&M / FPQ professional services (consulting, development, audit, recruitment, vendor management, etc.) please get in touch with us! We do however believe in fitting our service to your specific needs, context and limitations with great flexibility & customization and not the other way around.


dCentra as Innovator

We also research, identify & develop innovative concepts and push these projects through the startup process to realize a product with true potential for adoption & to scale.

Our main research area & interest is decentralized governance models within a Blockchain Ecosystem.

One of our early projects in this area is ClimateCoop, which is a "Blockchain based collaboration & governance platform enabling dynamic community development & project formation for SDGs, e.g. ClimateAction".

Another initiative we currently work on is FlexTree (op. name), which will provide a new technical capability on top of the blockchain, that will make it highly reusable for a large population of Use Cases and significantly improve the Time to Market & Cost of technical realization of such Use Cases.