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Full Time Jobs

DC-J06: Senior JavaEE Developer (5y+)

DC-J07: Hyperledger / Ethereum Developer (1y+)

DC-J08: Senior Web Developer, UI/UX Designer (5y+)

DC-J09: Director of Sales & Marketing

Note that detailed profile descriptions for these roles will follow soon.

Please feel free to get in touch with us already if your experience fits any of the above roles.

Before your CV we are interested to get referral contacts, reference work, awards of excellence, publications, patents, certificates, anything tangible how other authentic & competent people who get to know you well, recognize you & evaluate your work.


Our Partner Program

We are also considering limited number of applications to our Partner Program for highly qualified & successful experienced professionals who feel they may add significant value to dCentra or any of its ongoing projects.

We do understand many people are happy within their current job or bound to it for any other reason and do not have the means or the opportunity to leave it. But they have ambition & interest to experiment with other challenges to get a bit more variety and excitement into their professional life and explore other skills, hidden parts of themselves they are curious about.

Within the Partner Program you will have the opportunity to keep  & focus on your current job, however with part time contribution outside of regular working hours demonstrate your skills, excellence and interest towards a dCentra project of your choice.

You will have a total length of 3 months probation period with a weekly minimum of 4 and maximum of 16 hours of effort committed towards the project. Within this period you will have to deliver tangible, measurable and valuable results. Deliverables, goals & targets and corresponding milestones will be agreed in advance with you to set the fair expectations at the very beginning.

Following the probation period your performance will be professionally assessed together with your experience, opinion and future expectations.

Based on this assessment we will decide together whether we should proceed with your part time engagement to dCentra having you as one of our partners with a mission critical role and legally assured sound interest & solid stake in the Company. Would you not qualify for partnership for any reason your effort invested within the probation period will be fairly compensated proportionallyto the value of your deliverables.

It won't be an easy ride, but we can promise it will be a fun & extremely challenging one and you may win big in the end.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested to learn more about the Partner Program and subscribe for the initial eligibility background check & introductory discussion.


Equal Employer Statement

We pursue an international & multicultural work environment, where someone's origin, ethnic group, belief, religion, wealth, gender, age, sexual orientation, political views, look, style & taste is unquestionably accepted and truly appreciated that makes dCentra an equal employer being extremely proud of it's diversity.




Core Employee Values

We believe a company is as strong as the trust, motivation, satisfaction, health, interest, competence and level of engagement of it's employees.

We are always on the look for the top talent, but believe hard working & dedicated people can also make a huge difference, which is why we hire both.

The key values we seek are: (a) creative, impulsive & improviser; (b) socially influential, engaging & communicative; (c) precise, demanding & perfectionist; (d) intelligent, analytical & systematic; (e) charismatic, glamorous & ambitious; (f) restless, straightforward & holeproof; (g) open, thoughtful & always hungry to learn.

If you believe you are extraordinary in any of the previous qualities then you are definitely someone we would appreciate to get to know better irrespective from our currently open positions.

There is a single value we expect from all our employees to have, which is being meritorious or in other terms have empathy.


Company Culture Commitment

We believe all our employees deserve transparency, trust, performance oriented remuneration and the opportunity to learn & grow in their job.

Our employees always have a clear idea where the Organization is going, the strategy, vision & roadmap is shared and clearly & regularly communicated.

We don't measure our employees by the time they spend in the office and encourage home office or part time solutions to support their work life balance. Metrics & measures of employee evaluation are always shared and clearly communicated with regular performance feedbacks.

We expect mutual respect & selfless support to each other, acceptance & understanding to our differences, constructive & proactive problem solving, issue management and conflict resolution.

We don't have a rigid hierarchy, however everyone has it's clear role and function, while we do promote peer-2-peer communication within the Organization between any of the peers. There are no closed doors, there are no governance boundaries that would block you from interacting with anyone you feel the need to contact.

We don't believe in micromanagement so we expect our employees to follow a lean way of working, being self-disciplined, self-organized, self-driven and being self-conscious about their time spent, decisions made & actions carried out.

As a high performance company we expect our employees to work up to their potential and keep pushing their limits. It´s fine to have occasionally lows, but these cases should be measured in maximum of days.

Your feedback is always valued, you can freely speak up, share your ideas, criticism, problems, concerns and needs.

We always celebrate success and share failure together as a Team.

As our Company grows our employees have to fairly and proportionally benefit from the growth.

We encourage all our employees to participate in activities of social responsibility & sustainable development.

We  maintain a clean, green, eco friendly, positive and orderly work environment.

We support our employees to live healthy and take extra care about their physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

We will not put any burden, constraints or difficulties in front of you would you decide to leave the Company. We very much value our employees and would always try to convince & negotiate their stay, however we do understand this may not always be possible and a soft & fair leave is the way to handle such cases.

Please note that many other "much more boring" & standard Corporate Employee Policies (such os Security & Confidentiality, Accountability & Liability, Travel & Expenses, Dress Code, etc.) are not publicly shared. We only presented the previous policies to allow you to decide whether these are values you may align with or not before you apply to any of our positions.