We provide the following standard Professional Services to Our Clients.

Proof of Concept, kick off your Blockchain Journey

  • Hyperledger Gold Package (96.000 EUR + VAT); Implementation of a 3 months Proof-of-Concept solution for any reasonably complex Use Case in your Organization. This also includes the Hyperledger Fabric Accelerator, 10 man-days of Management Consulting and the Blockchain for Business Education service.

  • Hyperledger Silver Package (72.000 EUR + VAT); Implementation of a 2 months Proof-of-Concept solution for any medium complex Use Case in your Organization. This also includes the Hyperledger Fabric Accelerator and 5 man-days of Management Consulting service.

  • Hyperledger Bronze Package (48.000 EUR + VAT); Implementaiton of a 1 month Proof-of-Concept solution for any low complex Use Case in your Organization. This also includes 3 man-day Management Consulting service.

The pre-assessment of your User Case to be implemented within one of the Proof-of-Concept services is free of charge.

Management Consulting Services

  • Blockchain Use Case identification, Business Case Development, ROI & Value Proposition Analysis, Risks identification & Mitigates definition

  • Blockchain Pilot Definition & Delivery Supervision

  • Blockchain Vendor Selection & Tendering

  • Blockchain Project Proposal Development & Assessment

  • Blockchain compliance with GDPR and other regulations

Educational Services

  • Blockchain for C-Level (2 hours)

  • Blockchain for Business (1 day)

  • Hyperledger Fabric Bootcamp for Architects (3 days)

  • Hyperledger Fabric Bootcamp for Developers (5 days)

Conference Services

  • Speaker on Blockchain Conferences & Meetups

Technology Services

  • Hyperledger Fabric Accelerator (bring your organization up in 3 weeks time to build DAPPs on Hyperledger Fabric)

  • Define Enterprise Architecture Policies, Patterns, Standards & Guidelines related to Blockchain

  • Technical Architecture Blueprint Definition

  • Technical Architecture Audit

  • Hyperledger Fabric Development Audit

  • Hyperledger Fabric Development Environment & Processes Setup

Recruitment Services

  • Blockchain Team recruitment & onboarding

  • Hyperledger Fabric interview facilitation & candidate assessment

Startup Services

  • ICO Strategy Consulting

  • Business Model & Revenue Streams Verification

  • Blockchain Vendor Selection

  • MVP Validation & Development Effort Estimation

  • Startup Pitch Development

  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis

  • Patent Development & Lifecycle Management

Cryptocurrency Services

  • Cryptocurrency analysis & evaluation report

  • Cryptocurrency portfolio analysis & evaluation report


Please note that would you require any special blockchain related service, which is not in the above list, we are happy to discuss & review your special needs & expectations and in case feasible provide a specialized service offering that fits your unique context. 

Please get in touch with us for further details on any of our services and request an indicative quotation.