Visiting Plutusfest

Our CTO, Bert participated at the public meetup of Cardano, the Plutusfest (, where the smart contracts capabilites of Cardano (Marlowe a Financial DSL, Plutus a Haskell originated Functional Langauge and Plutus Playground) were showcased among many other exciting parts of the Cardano technology stack. 

It was announced that 15.000 developers will be trained on Plutus over the next year(s). 

This might have been the most amazing Cardano Meetup yet, having Charles Hoskinson, Prof. Aggelos Kiayias, Prof. Philip Wadler, Duncan Coutts and Manual Chakravarty among many other exceptional minds giving presentations.

Cardano looks better than ever, exciting year ahead in 2019.

Check out Plutus Playground here:

Bertalan Vecsei