ClimateCoop MVP

 The Climate Consortium Blockchain


On this site we will define the limited scope of the ClimateCoop project to fit a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach, which will be the first milestone of realizing the more complete Vision.

We are proposing the development of a blockchain based distributed platform that will allow decentralization and localization of climate or other SDG related ventures still keeping them compliant with regulations.

It is a fully transparent decentralization and partial delegation of power, governance, funding & execution of climate related projects to communities, within the directives & supervision set by the UN or other global NGOs.

The scope of the platform is to enable action and project execution corresponding to an idea. Specialists are approving the concept and parties (locally or globally) are committing to participate and collaborate in the implementation – the result is a consortium contract and execution of climate action – all this decentralized, organized over a blockchain.

The platform will:

  • Allow Parties (Individuals, Researches, Sponsors; organizations like UN, NGOs, Governments; and SMEs or enterprises) to join the Platform and facilitate interactions and collaboration
  • Allow Parties to propose ideas, new initiatives
  • Allow the creator of an initiative to add details regarding the execution of the proposed Climate Action and provide an implementation plan
  • Have accredited & trusted Parties review & approve initiatives and kick off the formation of a consortium for the next stage of project execution
  • Allow the creation, self-organization of ad-hoc communities, which may be granted with certain governance authority overseeing particular Climate Action Projects in their context